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Stick your feet in the pool and see what happens! If you want to do instant chat — like instant messaging on Facebook or Whatsapp — you need the instant chat feature. That is only available on a paid subscription. I'll get to the cost of that in a moment. Its super good fun on there because you can start multiple chats and actually start communicating real-time instead of waiting for a message to come through.

The community of women on there are open to chatting and generally polite and friendly; I genuinely believe many women and guys are on there just to shoot the breeze and flirt a bit sometimes. In a way that can be a bad thing, as it may suggest some members already have partners and are engaging in extra curricular activities, so to speak.

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You can soon suss that out if you move to deeper communication. If you're looking for a date when in Thailand, though, TF could be your best option. I find that on average there is usually around 4, members online, but it depends on the time of day. Consider your time zone when logging on, and most Thai women could be asleep — at least the good girls anyway, hah!

One great plus point about TF is that you can start sending emails immediately for free, without upgrading.

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The interface is really user-friendly, particularly when using on a desktop or laptop. Basically, the platform lets Thai girls sign up in Thai, and then via translation software helps them communicate in English with you. How cool is that? Cross that bridge when you come to it, I guess.

Firstly, let me say I am overwhelmed by the amount of girls online whenever I log-on. There must have been in excess of two thousand the first time, and at peak times this number was double that and more.

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Some profiles are a little racy, it has to be said. There's a lot of cleavage on TF! As I mentioned earlier, it's free to register and there's no obligation go for a paid membership, but of course, to begin chatting on instant messenger you'll need to upgrade. The premium membership pricing structure hasn't changed in about 5 years or so. No risk on your side, no questions asked.

I feel like location can be a double edged sword. What I mean is if you live a couple of stops away and it takes minutes in my case , I think fewer girls will just leave after taking such a trip when you make your move. I always met up at an MRT station so we could get right back to my place after greetings are exchanged.

I switched places during my stay and noticed that in terms of getting laid and making your move, having a couch helps. I always had to ask girls to sit down on my bed to get going. Again, based on personal experience, most girls are legit and I have yet to encounter a fake profile. But that was only a tiny percentage. Another thing is that culturally not all Thai girls go out or drink and without online dating it would be very hard for them to meet any foreign men. That being said, online dating has little to do with the quality of the girl.

If you sign up the day you want to meet a girl, that should be good enough. Will I get any girls at all? I can only give you my honest answer: The only difference might be that percentage-wise less girls will be interested at least in the lower age bracket. Waste a few hours?

Go back to the basics. Are your pictures on point? If so, you should be getting messages from girls already. Same girl from pic above. That was about a month before my Bangkok trip. Many of the girls that are interested will meet you the same day.

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Example of better looking girls on the site. Most look cute at best.

How To Get A Thai Girlfriend: 10 Best Apps for Thailand

Why ThaiFriendly Rocks The main benefits that come with online dating are that you can 1. Is ThaiFriendly For You? Visit the website Click Here and fill out the registration form. What Should You Write Here?

ThaiFriendly Review – 16 Dates, 11 Lays [UPDATED 12222]

Looking for a vacation girlfriend! Upload your picture now to finish the setup process. Probably the most important step: Are your pictures good enough? With solid pictures, your inbox will looks like this. This is the homepage you see when you login to ThaiFriendly. Polite, yet straight-forward way of asking for contact info.

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