Is there matchmaking for vault of glass

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  • Can you make the vault of glass with matchmaking? > Destiny | Forums |;
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  • [QUESTION] Is there matchmaking for the vault of glass? : DestinyTheGame!

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Bungie hints at matchmaking for raids in Destiny

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Destiny’s raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended

Boards Destiny Is there matchmaking for Vault of Glass??? All raids require you to form a fire team PSN: I don't know six people that play this game and I ain't about to beg. Guess that means I'll never have any of the good gear. Think I've run my course with Destiny.

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Official Cyrus claimer of the Fire Emblem if Board. Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

Destiny: Should Raids Have Matchmaking? - Fireteam Chat

Nothin' beats the hobo life, Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife Well whats your level first of all PSN: Level 26 with my Titan. Master Overclocking Arena Day 2 Recap.

Here's An Easy Way To Find Players For Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid

Is matchmaking actually a good thing, I enjoy meeting new people in the tower and squading up. Thanks for the shoutout for my site!

Single level 29 hunter wanting to do hard raid. Level 30 titan looking for hard raid.

Anyone starting raid soonish? Help on vault of glass strike!!!!

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Im on xbox and my gamertag is EasierPompano3. Add me for raid on hard GT is llx-Mental-xll on ps3. Add me Dualforce2 for hard raid level 29 warlock Ps3.

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  3. No, of course Destiny’s raids couldn’t work with matchmaking!
  4. Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Beat By 3-Player Team?
  5. Destiny 2 Players Need Better Access to Raids and Nightfalls.
  6. Add me for raids ps4 herpnderp Vault of Glass who down? If you still need someone add me pooplord xboxone titan lvl 28 I also have a mic. Hi, Looking for players to help getting Thorn. Xbox weekly strike very hard Add me: USMCcomrad lvl 27 hunter.