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When you work for a matchmaking company, your private life and your professional life can sometimes overlap. Gillian saw this trend and was so touched by it that she decided to make it easier for her employees to give back without giving up their personal time off. Drawing Down the Moon now sets aside four days of paid time off exclusively for volunteer work.

Now the matchmakers can save their personal time for themselves and use the volunteer days to make the world a better place.

Gillian told us the new policy has been incredibly popular so far. This new altruistic policy is sure to attract altruistic new hires who want to be part of the community-oriented culture at Drawing Down the Moon. Gillian is currently hiring matchmakers and said kindness and compassion are high on her list of desirable qualities for job applicants.

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Drawing Down the Moon has stayed in business for decades by building trust with clients and putting their happiness first. Many clients have had success and shared their stories and testimonials on the Drawing Down the Moon website.

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Thank you so much! One married couple met in July and sent a note to the matchmakers to say they are still in love and happier than ever. All of them moved me toward what I was looking for in a way that I will not forget. Looking to the future, the Drawing Down the Moon team will endeavor to add more success stories to its collection and gather photos of its matched couples to wallpaper its office with in celebration of its 35th anniversary.

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Drawing Down the Moon Dating Agency Review by UK's top dating Expert

Looking for a high-caliber soul mate on a dating site can be an incredibly frustrating experience because singles have to do all the work. They have to create their profiles, browse for matches, assess compatibility, and arrange dates based a combination of ill-informed dating theories and outright guesswork. Not the most fruitful and enjoyable experience. Matchmaking has the ability to remove the guesswork from dating and give daters access to matches they may not have found on their own.

Drawing Down the Moon has had decades of success matching up singles and fostering relationships throughout the UK. It has earned its unimpeachable reputation in the dating industry, and the values-driven team continue to lead with integrity and compassion as they enter their 35th year.

Amber is a Contributing Editor for DatingNews. You will be told if it is worth your while to become a member or not upfront so you will never be paying for something not suited to you. Contact them to find out as each package is tailored to the individual.

Daniel - An honorary client at Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking

If you feel the agency is unsuitable for your budget, if also offers a link to its sister website www. A one-on-one interview is set up between you and one of the agency team. D check you and gather all relevant information about you and what you are in search of all information remains confidential until permission is given. If they feel you are a suitable candidate for membership you are welcomed to join or directed to somewhere more useful if you are not.

Drawing Down the Moon – Dating Agency Review

Once a member, the team will personally find you a match in their database and set up a meeting over drinks. The absolute first choice if you are looking for an exclusive dating agency catering for educated professionals. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and I wonder if the company has a branch there and how much does it cost per session. Apologies, it is the first time I contact a dating agency for this reason I am not sure how it works. If you could provide me basic information I should know about I would be grateful.

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