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User Name Remember Me? On my side, I would probably go running if someone tells me. Why would I risk getting a life-long disease for someone I just met even if they seem to be a nice person? I know most people would call me narrow minded, but realistically, does anybody want a STD?

I am not trying to hurt someone's feeling. I am simply trying to determine what is everyone's feeling on this. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Not completely sure where this stat comes from, if it's USA or worldwide. But I've heard it bunches and bunches. I'm sure someone out there can find this for you. Also, there are lots of other posts on herpes and its risks, etc. Just do a search on "herpes" and I'm sure that you would find them. Yes, I would date someone with herpes.


Actually, I have HSV Ever had a cold sore? HSV-2 is the virus most often responsible for recurrent outbreaks of genital herpes and about half of primary outbreaks. It is almost always spread through genital-genital contact HSV-1 is best known for causing cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth and nose. HSV-1 can also cause genital herpes — it can be passed to the genitals from a person with a cold sore during oral sex. Genital herpes is very common.

HSV-1 is even more common, with more than half the people in North America being infected. I'm in a relationship now,and I made the huge mistake of not telling him until about a week after we had sex. It came up and I admitted it. I had no idea how to tell him before. I am so ashamed of myself and regret not telling him sooner. We are still together,I found a great guy! I think if you really like the person you can get past the std, I mean if there is a chance you'll be together long term. There aren't tests for it on men,just abnormal paps for women if you don't have the strain that causes genital warts.

I've never had a coldsore, before, actually. I'd be VERY hesitant to go out with someone who has herpes, although, this is a question I've wondered for a while, if someone does have herpes, couldn't that potentially get them laid a lot MORE? My reasoning is this: Herpes are extremely common. There are different kinds of herpes, so it's important to be informed about the type of herpes he has Since so many people have herpes, there is a probability you may already have it, too. Use protection, but know that a condom won't protect against all types of herpes, since any kind of skin-skin contact can mean contracting it, and condoms don't protect the entire genital region they will protect the cervix, though.

Get a pap smear regularly because sometimes you don't know you have herpes and if you catch cervical cancer early, it is entirely treatable. I am telling you this because my sister wound up with HPV, which led to cervical cancer, which went undetected because she lacked health insurance, and now she is in end-of-life Hospice Care.

This is why it's important to be completely informed before sleeping with a new partner. They could inadvertently kill you years later just by failing to disclose this tiny piece of information. Suggest you both get tested and discuss results before having sex. Why is everyone getting so riled up? It's very simple really: The ones who say they're STD free, believe to their knowledge and tests that they are. If having herpes is a deal breaker for someone, then it simply is.

I don't want to date anyone with herpes either. I don't care about any percentages or any stat from whatever site. Hopefully I was able to speak up a bit for the people who fall into the same category as I. I'm STD free also. I don't care what any stat says. I don't have anything, and I don't plan on getting anything. That's just how it is. Originally Posted by MrNate. Once you have herpes, the virus will stay in your system and you will only prevent it from being activated. The good news is vaccines have been discovered, but this is supposed to prevent the infection only in new patients.

I won't do that again.

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If you feel that strongly about her, you may want to explain that as well. It may impact her judgment. It's not so much about her that I feel bad, just my terrible midjudgement. Believe it or not, I try to be a good person.

I Slept With Someone Without Telling Them I Have Herpes

This was something I have never dealt with, I just tried to forget about it. I did explain to her how terrible I felt and I cried in front of her for the first time ever. Believe me when I say that I am deeply ashamed of myself. She took it amazingly well, but I wonder if it's just that she doesn't understand what herpes can mean, or whether it's that she likes me so much that she's making a stupid decision.

If you two do stay together, make sure you are both completely educated on what it is and how to minimize her exposure. I'm guessing you guys are probably a bit younger, so make sure you do this right. If I was in her position I wouldn't even have to think about it. Outbreaks go away with medication but the virus is always there. A cold-sore is a type of herpes, it's pretty similar, just on your junk.

Can be worse for women, though - if you have complications it could make you infertile or unable to have a normal vaginal birth. I would not continue to date you. That is a big deal and can change someone's life forever. Don't do it again. That being said, they do have dating groups for people with herpes.

You both have it and this takes away the stigma and fear. You have trouble finding a partner willing to take the risk, but staying within a dating "group" if you will is probably your best bet for upholding your high standard of moral values. Let me get this straight. You two have been sleeping together for months now, and it only Just dawned on you to tell her you've got Herpes?! If I didn't have herpes after that, I would drop you like a fucking rock. I hope she leaves you.

If you don't tell me about it before we have sex you'll be lucky if I don't cut your dick off.

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If you think cutting someone's dick off is a reasonable response to anything then you're not really in a position to be calling people out on asshole moves. If I was your girlfriend I would be breaking up with you.

Want to add to the discussion?

Not for the fact you have herpes but for the fact you kept it from here for so long! I someone was upfront about it with me it would not hesitate dating them. Thank you for your honest response. We were explicitly not "girlfriend and boyfriend" - it was a much more casual relationship that has gradually turned more serious.

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  4. But I never should have kept it from her for so long. I hope she can forgive you. I have an sti myself and I would hate to think of my past partners getting it because I was too embarrassed to tell them I have one. I will definitely be more responsible in the future. This was a bit of a wake-up call for me. Good that you learned. Seen too many people get "angry at the world" and then go around deliberately infecting people.

    I was definitely very angry for a while, but I would never infect someone deliberately. I have always tried to be as cautious as possible, even if I was being dishonest with the girls. I know now that was wrong of me. I hope WHEN tell her, she leaves you.


    Would you date someone with Herpes? - Community Forums

    You know that's a dick move but don't give a shit. I know some people that stayed with someone who had HSV. Not a single case involved the infected individual telling them after. She should leave you, you lied to her. I probably didn't infect her - when you're infected with herpes, it's the sort of thing you notice. I'm clinging to that hope, at least. I really, really hope I'm not wrong. It can remain inactive for months before she's actually know. She needs to be tested to know for sure. In fact, many diseases are that way; they take time from the point of infection to actually developing the disease, a year sometimes.

    I never knew that. We have been careful so I am optimistic that she doesn't have it. I do not want that on my conscience. She is getting tested as soon as possible. Strange that people are downvoting me.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    Do you understand how reddit works? You aren't rewarding me with karma if you upvote me for this, but the thread will get more responses. Anyway, it seems like everyone here is pretty sure about it being a deal-breaker. It makes me sad.