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Dramatic couples also attribute changes in their commitment to time spent with their own friends or by doing things separately rather than as a couple. Partner-focused couples have the highest chance of staying together and being happy over time, Ogolsky said. Conflict-ridden couples may experience decreases in their commitment when they have an argument. Socially involved couples , like partner-focused couples, report high levels of satisfaction and stability in their relationships.

These couples share a social network and rely on that network to make decisions about their commitment decisions, Ogolsky said. I am sure that among the ten ideas you can choose one. If you want to infuse your own creativity, you can make a twist to it. They are just suggestions and you can make your own design base on the ideas presented.

If you have many things that you can use in your house like different bottles then you can use them with the same idea of decoration.

You do not have to be uniform at all but it is also one way to be creative and save money and time that you can spend on other things. A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of the couple who want to be together. Even if they have been living together and have children but a wedding count as important and special. That is why it is needed especially to those who have to fix their legal documents so that their children can have a good record also and will not have a problem when the time comes like when they go to school.

Let us see the infographic about marriage costs. You can see in the infographic the costs that was derived in records that show how much was spent for a wedding. It should be the time to be special but sometimes it becomes the opposite when you will let yourself be carried away by the tradition of inviting many people and availing services that could be done easily. Of course, you should have a remembrance so you should hire a professional photographer to ensure that your wedding photos are perfect and beautiful.

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But if you see all the costs that you have to spend, is it worth it all? Do you have to invite as many people as possible even if it means you have to invite someone that only your parents know and you would not have a chance to even know each other. Think what option would you choose for your wedding. Is the wedding would be for you and your spouse to be and your both families or is it for other people?

A wedding is a very special ceremony that most people wanted to experience. It is the day where the groom and bride will exchange their vows together in front of the altar. Every country has its own traditions and customs for wedding ceremony. In a wedding, a ring is a proof that you already married with the man or girl that you love. By watching the youtube video below, you can see the top ten list of stunning wedding rings around the world.

The very reason why rings are placed on the third finger when exchanging vows because it of the belief that left hand, third finger, contains the special vein Vena Amoris. The used of diamonds for the wedding ceremony was first discovered in India and it was used as engagement ring only in the 15 th century. One amazing fact is that some parts of India used toe ring instead of the wedding ring. For men, they spend much of their time about one to three months shopping for the perfect gold gown. In the United States, England, France and Canada, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand but in the country like Germany, Russia, and India, the ring is worn on the right hand.

There are many things that you need to prepare when you will have your wedding. If it is possible you should plan your wedding at least three months before the actual date so you would have plenty of time to prepare and that you could think of many creative ideas that you could make to make your wedding more special by the do it yourself projects you have done. And so that you would not rush to prepare things as you may forget things needed.

Wedding bouquets can be expensive and many couples can spend a big amount of their budget to it. You can save some money that you could allocate for other use by making your own bouquet. They are creative and less expensive ones. If you would buy everything then you would end up spending more. You do not have to. You can seek advice and search for tutorial videos or blogs about making something in your wedding that would be inexpensive but beautiful and elegant to see. They can also give ideas on everything that you can consider if they are better than what you thought and that you also like.

Marriage is considered to be one of the sacred ceremonies for two people that need to undergo before planning to live together as husband and wife. The value of marriage varies from different countries. Like in the United States, a survey shows that about 42 million adults married for more than one. In Swedish, according to studies people who had long distance relationship and long distance communication are prone and are likely to a divorce couples. According to the researchers from the University of Cincinnati, the married men drink less compared to unmarried men while a woman who is married drink more compared to an unmarried woman.

In addition, according to research from the University of Florence, unfaithful husbands have the greater risk of heart attack compared to husbands who are faithful. This kind of sweet and generous gesture is something to be appreciated.

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However, showing it off on social media for everyone to see might be in poor taste. Photographer Murad Osmann is responsible for the now iconic, hand-holding couple photo that everyone tries to emulate on Instagram. Since then, couples around the world have tried to copy their photos. It might be best to save the artsy, romance photos to the professionals. One of the most classic and annoying types of couple photos is the kissing photo or kissing selfie. Most people who have been in a relationship have probably taken a photo like this at one time or another.

However, not everyone has posted it online, and perhaps people should just avoid doing so in the future. Posting photos of you and your significant other in an intimate moment such as a kiss is a bit T. Your social media feed should be a reflection of your personal life, if you so choose. Of course, being in a relationship means that your significant other is probably going to be a big part of your personal life as well.

It can be off-putting to have photo after photo of you and your boo all over your social media channels. Anniversaries are a way to celebrate each year that you and your partner have been together. Please keep in mind that an anniversary is an annual celebration. However, keep in mind that you may want to do so in private. You may even find that you start longing for a similar connection and want to be in a relationship as well. It also puts your partner in a vulnerable position, because they could not want this kind of information about them made public.

Most people in relationships are hopefully mutually in love.

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Social media is a great way to share your life with other people, but there is absolutely such a thing as sharing too much of your life, especially when it comes to your romantic relationships. There are some couples that take their love to the extreme by exposing almost all of the intimate details of their relationship on social media. Posting all about you and your significant other, constantly might just make other people want to unfollow you.

It also makes it appear as if you have no other interests outside of your relationship. Sharing the news with all of your friends and loved ones using social media is a great way to make a mass announcement. It may be difficult for them to see you post non-stop about a pregnancy, so prefacing your post with a message to those people might be a kind way to acknowledge that you sympathize with them, while also celebrating your own blessing and good fortune. In this situation, being mindful of other people can go a long way.

Relationships can take a lot of work.

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For the most part, it just makes you look like a bit of a know-it-all. It can be pretty easy to seem like a smug person online, and giving unsolicited advice is a sure fire way to do just that.

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Even the happiest couples have disagreements once in a while. If you need someone to talk to about your problems, maybe a night in with some close friends is a better idea than airing out your dirty laundry online. As well, if you have something to say about your issues with your significant other, it is more constructive to talk to them directly, instead of using passive-aggressive quotes on social media. Most people who are active on social media have probably been guilty of posting things online for the sake of getting a reaction in the form of likes and comments.

Exploiting your partner and the relationship you two have for the sake of superficial likes and comments can really put a strain on your relationship.

There are four types of dating couples; which one are you?

Allow yourself to be happy without worrying about what it looks like on your social media feed. Breakups can be difficult. Even when breakups are amicable, it can be really tough on people, emotionally. Anger, sadness, confusion, and other such emotions might make people feel like they need to vent out loud—and in a public forum like social media.