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If you live far up north like I do, everything is a bit skewed except for sept-dec. January, February and March turn to some of the worst months for dating, since there is hours of sunlight a day about 10 am to 3 pm or if you are not American. Relationships are very easy to handle, however, due to the exact same reasons. I usually use August-October for the dating spree.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

This usually fills up the roster until spring, and then GO time begins in the north. I live in western Europe and women here seem to become more horny once summer has come. They also tend to travel like almost every week, taking short trips for like 3 days or more especially in summer and they do it almost the whole year through, which means women from foreign countries will also visit our cities as well.

Idk about the US and relationships but summertime in Europe is basically getting laid time. From my experience sex increases a lot during summertime.

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The problem though is that younger women have even more options since most guys get horny as fuck as soon as they leave their houses. The good thing is, hot Milfs have become more attractive and they take care of their bodies, because they are looking for sex as well. Overall however many women travel, party, drink and they get laid left and right during summertime. BD is spot on with December. It seems like its common sense, but then again no one really likes planning anything nowadays. For these guys do you recommend they continue to pound the pavement to get more comfortable approaching and gain some experience?

If it was just the Good Looking Loser stuff of saying hi, etc, then it would be a fine time to do it, since the malls are more crowded in Nov and Dec. Or are long distance FBs the only viable solution? Or would I need to do some blitzes every time I change countries?

Your questions are far beyond the scope of this article. I will be facing the same problem when I make my exit in I will address this in more detail in the future. There are definitely seasonal patterns. All of a sudden Sept causes tons of random messages from every guy in your history. During summer there are festivals and concerts and lots of opportunities to meet women so guys feel surrounded by flesh and safer about not having a regular source of sex, but as the weather gets colder they look to find the cold weather girl they can watch movies with and have sex all winter.

I agree that it is rare for relationships to end during November and December bc of all the family obligations and plans and people feel the need to see them through with a partner and seem respectable for their families. However I disagree that it is necessarily a happy relationship time as I see a TON of crappy relationships and tension around this time that are solely kept going to keep up appearances during the holidays.

Lots of drama and fights. They are posting B. I have seen SO many relationships and marriages end right around New Years, it is definitely the most common break up time. If you want a one night stand or random hookup, New Years Eve is the easiest single night of the year for that to happen. NO ONE wants to not have someone to kiss, everyone is drunk, etc. January is definitely good for new beginnings especially bc so many couples break up around New Years. So lots of people back on the market.

In fact if one is a good looking younger guy I would think there would literally be no easier way to get chicks than to work as some kind of tour guide in a summer vacation spot.

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Or just hang out at the beach. Get a job that requires you to sell things, or talk to people, or pays you based on your people skills. Retail, sales, hospitality, all of those, while really shitty jobs, will skyrocket your people skills. And it may also get you in trouble with the law and rightly so. Your month calendar of proven results is exceptionally valuable. Facebook status changes per month data confirm your own observations in the number of relationship status changes from month-to-month.

Not that every girl updates their status religiously or rigorously, but the stats seem to line up pretty well with your own data. BD, would you say this is derived from your experience in online dating? I live in a college town and freshmen start coming in late July to August. Regular students also move back in late August.

So because of the unique differences of this town theoretically late July to September should be a great time for sarging. If I expand into seeking arrangement or Tinder perhaps I could turn my blitzes during that time around. Only trial and error will tell. Last year I went back to school and tried day gaming hard on Campus when school came in 50 approaches.

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I found that I got a ton of numbers, but almost none of them went anywhere. I got literally only two dates. But the numbers were all from way hotter women then I was used to. So I definitely need to look into trying to get leads though social circles! I should read Girls with Game more.

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Been there done that. Girls are drinking heavily and looking to do some naughty stuff after being good all semester! I had an ex break up with me when I was going to school in Sept. I could throw a football from any point on campus and probably hit 5 girls who would have slept with me. I was in a very similar situation and the exact same place. It was a fucking desert trying to find replacement pussy.

That plan will depend a lot on whether Trump goes to war with NKorea or not though. Firstly, who in their right mind would move into a low paid job with no career prospects, just to get used to speaking to people!?! You can go to evening classes, public speaking seminars, improv lessons etc.. Approach anxiety is a perceived negative reaction based on women refusing to see you as a sexual prospect. They drive two hours on weekends to visit each other. No, its actually perfect advice. Before you can even think about PUAism, you need basic conversation skills and the ability to relate to others.

This article explains why a lot better than I can. Or you can take a part time retail or hospitality gig on the side and continue with your main job. In my whole 15 or so year career in retail and hospitality, this has happened to me exactly ONCE. For example, Sydney with its temperate climate and seasons that are the reverse of those in the temperate northern hemisphere, will no doubt be different from Darwin, with its two seasons wet and dry and relatively little temperature variation.

But the principles still apply, you just might need to adapt them. I certainly agree with BD about January and February where I usually am — great times for the hunt, and also late spring early summer. I hate December-it is such a dead time across the board. I read your post and debate on not giving women compliments before sex. While I understand the reasoning behind that, my hang up seems to be thinking too much about what to say when I approach them. Read my comment above about where the data is derived from; mostly online game and daygame, and not just me but many others.

If your experience is purely night game, it could be different. Not your after-tax income. You live in the only place in the entire world where total tax burden is actually higher than in the US. You should get your own business started. I am planning on starting a consultant business, but that requires a few years of experience in the field.

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You have no idea how wrong you are. The only economic guarantees are those you make to yourself, via your own work and own business if that! Also day length is shortening which causes the leaves to change color and the white tailed dear to go into heat. I agree completely with your diversification of income strategy, but I plan to get some experience and afterwards start a consulting firm within my field as my first business venture — Then I can add to that list afterwards.

I simply think it would be a terrible idea to try to accomplish many different business goals at once. This Christmas will be the third one in a row spent on a beach…. As I said before, AA is guys imagining the hurt of being rejected by a girl for trying to chat them up. I mean how many funny conversational bouncers have you met?!.. PUAism, at least for the last 8 or so years, has everything backwards. The techniques and routines work, but you need social skills first. Before the s, they preached that you should learn basic social skills before the routines and stuff. Your right about social skills being important.

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This happens when you get companies that teach club game trying to use the same techniques in the day Julian from RSD is a good example of this and all the flack he got when he tried his crap out in Tokyo. Totally agree with this. I did my first ever real PUA stuff in as a 46 yo who had been married for 20 years and just broke up from a 3 year live in GF post marriage.

I had good social skills and even pretty good skills with women due to many affairs during my marriage. PUA can never be all things to all guys. Everyone needs to develop differently in different areas. Most PUA stuff I got into was pretty clear about this. As per above I first got into PUA in There was literately zero focus on gimmicky routines.

Especially since some guys, when you meet them, are hoping to be married within two or three years. Considering the amount of time it takes to plan a wedding, maybe your guy wants to set things in motion. The first time you slept together? So how could you not be a little afraid that your expiration date could come up at the year mark? His friends know him best: They hold all the secrets! By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.